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Advanced Financial Planning

Explore clean, creative, and impactful ways to reduce taxes, expenses, and risks.

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Personal Wealth Advice

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Five Laws of Financial Planning Success

  1. PROPER TEAMWORK - The best financial advice comes from an integrated team of experts in tax, law, wealth, and insurance. None of us is an expert at everything. The more complex your life, the more your team should integrate.

  2. FOCUS ON CONTROLLABLES - Don't waste time on things you can't control or predict (stock market swings, interest rates, political policy, global events).

  3. PRIORITIZE - Put more energy and resources toward issues that (a) have a high probability or (b) have a high impact on your life.

  4. STRIVE FOR SIMPLICITY - Avoid complexity unless there is (a) significant benefit, AND (b) you understand it.

  5. CHANGE REQUIRES CHANGE - What got you here won't get you there. Growth requires effort, and major growth requires a shift in mindset.