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Start with a Clear, Easy Planning Experience and See How it Goes From There.

For about 2 hours and a flat fee of $500, you can get a clear picture of your financial plans and expert recommendations on how to improve.

Assessment and unbiased diagnosis, followed by clear, controllable options. Regardless of your complexity, our assessment covers the planning fundamentals without sales pitches or wasted time.

No commitment to transfer investments or open investment accounts with us.

Step 1: Free Expectations Call 

Schedule a free 15-30 minute call to learn how our Planning Diagnostic works and what you can expect.

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Step 2: Assess Your Goals and Resources

A clear picture of your financial situation and goals is integral to your success. Our convenient, secure, assessment process will help us provide the right advice. Estimated time: 30-60 minutes

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Step 3: Diagnose Potential Improvements

Once you complete your discovery and risk questionnaires, we review your information and reach out for anything that is missing or needs clarification.

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Step 4: Discuss Results and Options

Typically a 1-hour meeting at our office or via video conference. We answer all of your questions, discuss your planning results, and provide recommendations.

During this meeting, you can choose to discuss potential next steps. (See below)

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Potential Next Steps

What comes next is really up to you. Whether you are a busy delegator or prefer to do things yourself, we can continue to serve you at your need. It depends on how proactive you want us to be. The more we do for you, the more proactive we can be.

Accountability Meetings

Sometimes a regular check-up is all you need. It depends on how proactive you want us to be. The more often we meet, the more proactive we can be for you.

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Proactive Wealth Planning

When you really need to get detailed, consider multiple scenarios, and stay on top of things regularly.

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Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning may help "move the needle," seeking to significantly reduce unnecessary taxes, business expenses, and risks.

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Implementing Solutions

Our advisors and our team of outside specialists can help you implement any financial strategies you may require.

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