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Financial Planning

Know Your Goal

You cannot succeed in meeting a financial goal that you don’t have. It’s going to usually be a number. An amount of money needed to make that dream happen. Retirement funded? It’s a number. Buying that new property? It’s a number. You need to be able to estimate accurately what those numbers will be before you begin.

Plan Controllable Behaviors

Achieving your financial goals will take work. There will be specific, controllable behaviors that you will need to discipline yourself to complete. Discipline equals freedom, and those who follow the best financial habits tend to achieve their goals.

  1. Saving: How much will you need to invest to reach your goal?
  2. Risk: How much risk can you handle on the way to that goal? If the goal is 20 years away, you can take more risk than for a goal due next year.
  3. Investing discipline: The most successful investors stick to their strategy through thick and thin. The temptation is to sell or change after periods of poor performance. Even great investments have periods of poor performance. They tend to turn around though, and those who stick to their strategy and rebalance can experience recoveries. Those who sell low and buy high tend to have worse long term performance.

Mitigate Risks

Life happens. Uncertainty exists everywhere, but your goals will remain. To have a solid plan, you need to stress test your plans for common emergencies that can happen along your life’s journey.

  1. Long Term Disability: If you were disabled and could no longer continue your career, how would that change things? Does your plan mitigate this risk?
  2. Premature Death: If you or your spouse died in the next year, how would that change your plans? How can you mitigate this risk?
  3. Long Term Care needs: If you or your spouse were to need full time care due to aging or illness, how would that change your plans? How can you mitigate that risk?
  4. Bear markets in early retirement: What if there was a major decline in the stock markets immediately after you retire? How can you mitigate that risk?

Know the Probabilities

For every projection and situation, you should have a clear idea of your probability for success. What is the percent chance of success if you follow strategy A vs strategy B? Do you know? You should know before every major financial decision. We can help. We offer complete and bite-size project planning. Whatever works best for you.

Complete Financial Plans

The Environment Facing Individuals

  • Financial planning decisions are incredibly important, but most people put them off
  • The planning process can seem overwhelming and complicated
  • Many people don't want to dedicate the time to a comprehensive plan

Traits of Complete Planning Clients

  • Are serious and motivated to address all areas of their financial lives
  • Appreciate a thorough, methodical approach to making financial decisions
  • Are looking to maximize their probability of success, as they define it

Our Complete Financial Planning

  • Simply and thoroughly organize and report on your current situation
  • Explore multiple "what-if" scenarios, to stress test your long term financial success
  • Using commonly accepted best practices, identify solutions that may improve your results and/or limit risks to your financial success

The Value of Complete Planning

  • Gain clarity of your entire financial situation, now and for the future
  • Increase your confidence that you will achieve your financial goals
  • Receive ongoing assistance in implementing your plans