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Managed Risk Investing

Actively managed strategies using exchange traded funds and individual stocks. Our proprietary system seeks to limit downside volatility. Strategies are available that seek growth or income. 

Managed Risk Investing: Growth

The Environment Facing Investors

  • Interest rates near historic lows
  • Broad stock market volatility is affecting more investors
  • Investors are having trouble adjusting to the new environment

Managed Risk Investors are Seeking

  • The potential for growth from investing in quality businesses
  • To avoid catastrophic losses in their portfolio
  • To reduce the expenses of owning actively managed mutual funds

Our Managed Risk Investing: Growth Strategy

  • A Simple portfolio of up to 20 stocks with an intent to buy-and-hold
  • Additional filters for value, momentum, and quality
  • Proprietary Stop-Limit Strategy
  • Monitored weekly

Value Proposition

  • Potential returns of stock investing
  • Seek limited downside with a stop-limit strategy
  • Clear and transparent portfolio
  • Reduced costs vs. typical active mutual fund investments

Managed Risk Investing: Income

The Environment Facing Investors

  • Interest rates are near long-term lows.
  • Traditional bond investors are feeling forced to:
  • Take on more risk • Lock up their money, or • Accept low returns
  • If interest rates rise, traditional bond investments can perform poorly.

Income Investors are Seeking

  • Higher income than traditional bond funds
  • Less annual volatility than traditional bonds
  • Daily liquidity without penalties
  • Insulation from the risk of rising interest rates

Our Managed Risk Investing: Income Strategy

  • Seeks to limit downside risk with stop-limits and diversification
  • Seeks higher dividend yield than Aggregate Bond Index
  • Designed to seek lower volatility than Aggregate Bond Index
  • Less affected by interest rates than Aggregate Bond Index
  • Our Proprietary Stop-Limit Strategy
  • Monitored weekly.

Value Proposition

  • High Potential Income
  • Seeks Limited Downside
  • Liquidity without penalties
  • Clear and Transparent Portfolio