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Advanced Financial Planning

Wealth "Management" is not always enough

For many successful people, simply managing investments doesn't create enough value. Our system focuses on clean, reliable, and controllable strategies that can often create massive improvements to one's situation.

If any ONE of the following describe you, we should talk

Our advanced planning strategies are often a good fit for successful business owners, high net worth, and high-income individuals. If you find yourself in any one of the following situations, we should definitely talk:

  • Income > $250,000 and wishing to reduce income taxes
  • Paying more than $100,000 in Federal Income Taxes each year
  • Net Worth > $3 million
  • Own a business with over $5 million in annual revenue
  • Own a business with over $1 million in non-payroll expenses
  • Own commercial real estate worth over $1 million
  • Paying current financial advisors over $25,000 per year in advisory fees
  • Expecting a potential spike in income (stock option exercise, expected sale of a business or highly appreciated stock)
  • Own a business and have balances over $500,000 in qualified accounts (IRA, 401k)
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Sample Goals of Advanced Financial Planning

Your Maximum Value Plan will be unique to you. Here are some potential goals we might explore with you and your CPA:

  • Reduce income tax in the current year by 50% (while maintaining control)
  • Reduce capital gains taxes from an asset sale by 99% (while maintaining control)
  • Reduce non-payroll expenses in your business by 25%
  • Improve immediate cash flow on investment property
  • Reduce tax liability on qualified plan assets by 75%
  • Retain capital currently spent on insurance premiums
  • Design and execute your business exit strategy or succession plan
  • Source business financing
  • Reduce investment portfolio fees and expenses by 25%
  • Radically improve the risk/reward ratio of your investment portfolio
  • Create active tax benefits from your taxable investment accounts

An Integrated Team

Your business and tax decisions are integral to your success. We collaborate closely with your CPA to make sure you get the most value from your planning.

If you need, we can recommend a planning-oriented CPA to review your situation. 

30 Minute Assessment

A brief, intelligent online system helps our team and your CPA identify areas where we can create the most immediate value to you.

No personal identification information is needed to complete our assessment.

Discuss and Prioritize Options

We discuss your results with you and your CPA, and research possible solutions.

Once we understand your priorities, we provide a list of immediate actions that provide the greatest positive impact in the least amount of time.

Take Action

The best plans are meaningless without action and follow-through. Take the time to decide, but change requires change. You must take action to change your results.