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Helping CPAs

Most people say they want their CPA to offer more proactive planning. By engaging with the CPA Team-Based Model, you can bring our consultant alongside to help you expand the value you provide -- without taking on additional staff or hours.

We are not looking for referrals from CPA's. Trading referrals is an inefficient and outdated model. We are only interested in building sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships through a CPA Team-Based Model. You and your firm always remain the "go-to" point of contact for your clients.

Deliver More Proactive, Holistic Planning

Shift from referral-based, reactionary services. Become a proactive trusted advisor who is the "one-stop-shop" for your clients.

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Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk from referring clients to third parties. You remain in control of the planning process from beginning to end.

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Expand Your Braintrust

Expand your firm's capabilities by working with a team of the country's best specialists in various areas of tax, expense, and risk reduction. 

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Increased Organic Growth

Give your clients a unique story to tell about you and the good work your team did. Instead of telling their friends about the person the CPA referred.

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* If you request a free consultation after watching the video, please type "Brian Beasley" in the "Referred by" field so that we can follow up with you properly.

Elite Tax Planning Academy

The Elite Tax Planning Academy is a semi-annual 2-day event (16 CPE credits) that brings together some of the most forward-thinking to train CPA's. These professionals are specialists in their respective sections of the 70,000+ page tax code, and will focus on both technical and interpersonal skills.

Technical skills include tax law updates, industry changes, planning solutions such as IRA's, social security options, annuities, LIRPs, captive insurance companies, ESOPs, cost segregation, premium financing, and more.

Interpersonal skills include strategic planning for firm growth, technology integration, cloud accounting, value-based billing, price packaging, and proactive planning conversations.