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Advisory Fees

Designed for Your Needs: Planning, Investing, or Both

You are not required to transfer accounts to work with us.  This is especially important if your assets are tied up in accounts at your employer. If we cannot add value to you, we will not accept a fee for our services.

Planning Assessment is a thorough analysis of your overall financial situation, including specific recommendations. $500

Proactive Planning Workshop and Follow Up (a 4-5 hour detailed discovery of your entire financial life, an online website providing a daily, combined view of your accounts as well as planning projections. This process leaves you with between 25 and 37 potential planning actions, and a 1-page plan for the first year.) $2,500

Accountability Meetings are available as needed and include any and all follow up required on our part. $500 

Investment Management is available for investment accounts with at least $10,000. 

  • Investment Management advisory fees are calculated simply as a percentage of assets under management.
  • Our advisory fees are not based on trading activity or commissions. There is no tiered fee structure (2% of the first 50k, 1.75% next 50k...) No nickel-and-dime charges for document review, phone calls, etc. 

Advisory Services

  • Planning Assessments
  • Advanced Financial Planning
  • Proactive Planning Workshops
  • Investment Management
  • No transaction costs

Advisory Fees

  • Planning Assessment is a flat $500 fee
  • Half-day Proactive Planning Workshop is $2,500
  • Accountability Meetings including prep and follow up are $500
  • Investment Management fees start at 1.50% per year and decline to 1.00% (Fee may be negotiable for very large relationships)