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Planning Assessment

Am I on track? What needs adjusting?

For many people, a simple, but thorough check-up is all that is needed. Our Planning Assessment can give you a clear, specific picture of how you are progressing toward your financial goals, and what you might need to adjust to improve your progress. This is also a way to "test drive" our services and our team without fully committing a lot of time or transferring financial accounts.

You don't have to invest weeks of back-and-forth and thousands of dollars. Our Planning Assessment process is efficient and priced at an extremely reasonable $500.

Step 1: Free Expectations Call

Schedule a free consultation to get a live overview of our process, and see if we might be a fit for each other.

Estimated time: 15-30 minutes

Step 2: Assess Your Goals and Resources

A clear picture of your financial situation and goals is integral to your success. Our convenient, secure, assessment process will help you get our very best diagnosis.

Estimated time: 30-60 minutes

Step 3: Diagnose Potential Improvements

We review your information and reach out for anything that is missing or needs clarification.

Once we have everything we need, we schedule your Planning Assessment Meeting and begin preparing our recommendations and reports for you.

Step 4: Discuss Results and Options

Typically a 1-hour meeting at our office or via video conference. We answer all of your questions and discuss your reports and our recommendations.

During this meeting, we will execute our planning agreement and you can make payment to "Athena Advisor Services, LLC" in the amount of $500.

Sample Planning Report


Sample Risk Analysis


Financial Planning Agreement