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Proactive Planning

Focus on Controllable Factors

We focus on the controllable factors related to your finances, like unnecessary investment expenses, taxes, and risks. By following recognized best practices, we can help you achieve your goals.

Step 1: Proactive Planning Workshop

Proactive Planning begins with a 4-5 hour planning workshop at your home or office. It's a big commitment but gets progress much quicker than months of back-and-forth. We get highly detailed in our understanding of your situation, vision for the future, and experiences of your past. 

The workshop will normally end with 25 and 35 potential action items. We will focus on your top priorities first, and you can work on the others later.

The 4-5 hour Proactive Planning Workshop, all our backstage work, and the Follow-Up Meeting cost $2,500. 

Step 2: Follow Up Meeting

About a week after your Planning Workshop, we connect for about an hour to discuss our suggestions and provide you with your prioritized action plan. From there, you can implement solutions on your own, or engage us to help you.

Step 3: Accountability Meetings

Having a plan is great, but the execution of that plan is what really matters. At the same time, life has a way of evolving. The question is, "How proactive would you like us to be for you?" 

Generally, the more often we meet, the more proactive we can be for you. You can decide what works for you.

Accountability Meetings are $500 each, including our preparations and follow-up time.

Our Services

We offer a range of planning resources and services to help you reach your goals:




  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Goal planning
  • Income planning
  • Retirement
  • Elder care
  • Estate & Legacy planning
  • Asset & Income Protection
  • Target Risk Investing strategies
  • Managed Risk Investing strategies
  • Impact Investing Strategies
  • Written Investment Policy Statements
  • Tax-aware Investing
  • Institutional level due diligence
  • Active or Passive Strategies
  • Hyper-accurate Risk Budgeting
  • Interactive planning portal
  • Planning reports updated daily
  • Secure online document vault
  • Preparing benficiaries
  • Coordination with your other professionals (CPA, attorney, insurance professionals)