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Who We Serve

Executives & Consultants

Our executive clients are smart and extremely busy, both at work and at play. Many of them simply appreciate the value of delegating to us, citing that we are likely to be better than they would be on their own.

Our clients range from successful consultants to CEO's.

Common Planning Topics:

  • Executive compensation advice
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Tax Aware Investing
  • Planning for early retirement 

Business Owners

Our business owners typically have the highest net worth of anyone we work with. In spite of their complex finances, our clients still live relatively simple lives focused on their families.

We work with three types of business owners.

  • active business owners
  • those transitioning their business
  • people who have sold their businesses

Common Planning Topics:

  • Business Succession
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Business Expense Reduction
  • Optimal Retirement Plan
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Coordinate with other advisors, such as CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents.


Similar to executives and business owners, doctors often have complex finances and especially little time. 

As their world has been changing, we help them evaluate their options. 

Common Planning Topics:

  • Adapting to a changing world
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Transitioning during a buyout
  • Business Retirement Plans
  • Coordinating with their other advisors (CPA's, Attorneys, Insurance Agents)

Great Savers (Stealth Millionaires)

Some people have money, but their neighbors would never know it. They are typically frugal with their spending, and save a large portion of their income.  

We have some wonderful relationships with people like this, and have tremendous respect for their discipline.

Common Planning Topics:

  • Preserving what they have accumulated.
  • Providing income during the financial independence years
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Preparing the family for significant inheritances

Trusts & Heirs

Many of our clients are those who have been thrust into the position of trustee, executor, and heir. They are facing complex administrative, emotional, financial decisions. It's a thankless responsibility that many have to face alone.

Those that team with us have appreciated the reduced stress from working with our team as we:

  • Provide orientation for those new to managing finances
  • Help them organize
  • Discover unknown/missing assets
  • Manage complex trust arrangements
  • Advise beneficiaries for optimal choices: (taxes & income)
  • Walk heirs through the social security benefits process